The Product That'll Remove All of Your Makeup ...


The Product That'll Remove All of Your Makeup ...
The Product That'll Remove All of Your Makeup ...

Don't you hate how long it takes you to wash the makeup off of your face at night? Well, if your regular towels and makeup remover wipes aren't working for you, then you should buy a Makeup Eraser. According to Health, it actually does its job.

This products "claims to last up to 1,000 washes," which means that the $20 it costs should be a one-time buy for you. If you're interested in trying the item yourself, you can buy it on Sephora.

How do you usually wash all of your makeup off of your face at the end of each night?

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I love the Makeup Eraser!

No thanx I still prefer using pure water and my face wash clean and natural way.

Got my for 2.50... Thought it was an old school crapy thing on sale, not at all it's fab.

I have this !!! It's amazing. Especially for mascara and eyeliner removAl.

I use coconut oil on a pad to remove, and then I wash my face with organic wash in the shower. Anything else is irritating and bad for the skin.

Alright lady's no one cares what you use, where talking about this cloth

Aloe Vera Gel

I use baby wash with a few drops of a gentle foaming cleanser& baby oil. It takes off stubborn mascara& heavy foundation with about 3 wipes!

1 or 2 makeup wipes takes it all off for me. Then I wash my fave afterwords.

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