These Kits Will Have Your Brows on-Fleek in No Time ...

So, I don't use brow kits or other eyebrow products very often myself, which probably makes you think I shouldn't even be writing about the topic, right? Nah, I still got you. See, Lyndsie has a tiny eyebrow obsession, so I am almost an expert on all the brow-boosting products out there. I hear about which ones are awesome and which ones really suck. If you want bolder, thicker brows but you're sick of all the traditional products, I promise you that these kits will have your eyebrows on-fleek in no time at all!

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills 5 Element Brow Kit

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This brow kit has all the basics to get you started, but you might find out that you don't need anything else to achieve total brow perfection! In addition to an impressive range of color combos, the Anastasia Beverly Hills kit comes with brow powder, stencils, clear brow gel, tweezers, and all the brushes you'll ever need!

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