This Easy Eyeliner Trend is about to Be Huge This Year ...

The bold, dramatic winged eyeliner we all once loved has become totally mainstream lately, to the point where everyone is doing it it's not all that amazing anymore! In fact, it's bound to be on it's way out soon, so why not be one of the first to hop on board the new trend of thin and subtle winged eyeliner?

These easy steps will show you exactly how to successful achieve this amazingly subtle eyeliner trend inspired by makeup artist Patrick Ta, and you want to know the best part? There are heaps of ways you can make this new trend your own so keep reading for different options that everyone can try and love!

1. Start with a White Eyeliner

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Start this fabulous eyeliner trend by opting for a crisp white eyeliner and take your time line your waterline - you don't want any of it accidently getting into your eyes!

Light eye makeup shades are known for being amazing at creating the illusion that your eyes are heaps bigger than they actually are, and white eyeliner is no different! It will make your eyes look totally and utterly illuminated as the white eyeliner widens them.

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