8 Tips for Fixing Those Nail Polish Disasters ...


8 Tips for Fixing Those Nail Polish Disasters ...
8 Tips for Fixing Those Nail Polish Disasters ...

Tips for nails can range from how to achieve the perfect manicure to the latest nail trends. But what about when things go awry? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s experienced a nail polish disaster or two in my time. It could be that frustrating moment you smudge your wet nail polish or chipping your freshly manicured nails. Keep your paws in perfect shape by looking at a few helpful tips for nail polish disasters below.

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Smudged Polish

There’s nothing I hate than smudging my nail polish! You don’t have to remove your polish and start from scratch, as this tip for nails will help salvage your manicure. Dip a cotton bud in nail polish remover and lightly rub it over the affected area, ‘sanding’ it down. If you don’t have a cotton bud handy, your finger will do just fine! When the nail is dry, apply another coat of polish over the top to smooth it out. Voila!


We've all experienced the frustration that comes with a freshly smudged manicure, especially when you're in a rush or have just put on that last coat of your favorite shade. Fortunately, with the cotton bud technique, you can effectively minimize the appearance of the smudge without having to strip away all your hard work. Remember, patience is key; let the area dry thoroughly before reapplying polish. And for those pesky tiny smudges, just a dab of nail polish on the tip of your finger can help blend it away seamlessly. Your nails will look as good as new in no time, and nobody will be the wiser!


Chipped Nails

Chipped nail polish is another one of the most common nail problems around. If you’ve chipped your polish down to the nail, fill in the area with matching nail polish and let it dry. In a similar vein to the tip for smudged polish, dip the end of your finger in nail polish remover and buff the area where the old polish meets the new. Finish the job off with a clear top coat.


Broken Nails

It pays to keep a nail file handy at all times. Fix a chipped or broken nail simply by filing it down. Nail clippers can actually separate the nail from the polish so it may be best to avoid them. If your break is too deep, try using nail glue to fix it for a day or two.


Excess Polish

Unless you’re a pro, you’ll probably end up with nail polish on the skin around your nails every now and then. When it comes to tips for nails, cotton buds will be your best friend! When the nail polish is dry, dip a cotton bud in nail polish remover and swipe it around the outside of your nails to dissolve any excess polish. Avoid peeling the polish off as this might peel it off your nails as well.



A fun way to cover up any nail polish disasters is to pass it off as nail art! If you muck up your nail polish, why not add some fun details like diamante embellishments to add a bit of dazzle to your manicure. Apply the embellishments while wet so that they dry with the polish, or use nail glue if the polish has already dried.



Stash a bottle of spare polish in your desk drawer at work or keep a nail polish pen in your handbag for fix ups on the go. It’s not always feasible to have two of every colour nail polish in your collection, so maybe just invest in a backup for the colour you wear most.



When you’re in a rush, things are more likely to go haywire a lot more quickly. Same goes for fixing any nail disasters. When it comes to tips for nails, set aside plenty of time for doing your nails, with a bit of extra time in case anything goes wrong!


Starting over

While all these previous tips for nails will help prolong your manicure for an extra few days, you should also know when it’s time to start over. Too many salvage jobs might have your nails looking like Frankenstein! If the disaster is just too bad, it’s probably best to clean off any old polish and start afresh.

These are just a few tips for nails that will hopefully have you avoiding any future nail polish disasters. You’ll never be left with messy looking nails again! What’s your best tip for nails and nail polish disasters?

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the best way to fix a smudge or chip is to make sure the polish is completely dry before you try to fix the smudge, then take a file and gently file the polish removing the smudge or blending the chip out. then remove the dust and re polish only the area you buffed

What happen if you air bubbles on your nails like after you dry your nails? Also what is the best base

I follow all of the tips already. Smudged nails I don't like. I don't start all over, but for some I had to redo them entirely. Nobody that's into painting their nails likes chipped nails. The way to solve this, is have good brush strokes, to use a base coat and topcoat. There's no way to get rid of chipping entirely, just not as bad. Broken nails is caused by, cutting them short constantly. This happened to me and took time to grow properly, without breaking. So, I just let them grow long, and don't usually cut them. Excess Polish does happened. I do use cotton balls for this, but sometimes get the entire nail with it. Nail art I have tried, and doesn't usually work. I just go solid colors and find it works best for me. For backups I get that, but I don't usually run into problems. I don't have problems with getting duplicate polish. I bought "Slay It" twice from Maybelline. I love your advice on Time. Yes, I do admit as a nail polish lover myself. I do need time, to do my nails. I often do them at home, but occasionally will go to get my nails done at the Salon. Starting over, I don't usually start over, except for switching colors.

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