7 Tips for Wearing Wine Coloured Lips ...

Knowing how to wear wine lipstick is one way to keep fashionably cool this season. As far as beauty trends go, wine lips will be all the rage for fall and winter. But let’s get one thing straight first: lips stained by wine? Not hot. Wine coloured lipsticks, glosses, and stains? So hot right now! Check out the next couple of tips for how to wear wine lipsticks this season.

1. Natural Complexion

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When you wear any bright or bold coloured lipstick, it’s always best to go for a natural complexion as far as makeup is concerned. A peach blush or bronzer, groomed eyebrows, and a coat of mascara are perfect company when it comes to how to wear wine lipstick. Such a dark lipstick can potentially wash you out so some colour on your cheeks is necessary!

2. Colour Match

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There are plenty of different roads you could go down with wine lipstick. Red-wine colours are probably more versatile while dark purple-wines are more dramatic. If you’ve got a medium to dark skin tone you can generally pull off most shades of wine lipstick. If you’ve got a pale complexion, stick to lighter shades and keep some colour on your cheeks so you don’t get too washed out!

3. Prep and Prime

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If you want to know how to wear wine lipstick and make it last, get your prep routine sorted! Exfoliating the lips will leave you with a smooth base, applying a balm will help condition them, and using a lip liner will give your wine coloured lipstick something to grip to.

4. Colour Build

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Another tip for any bright lipstick is to build colour gradually. It’ll also help make sure that your lip colour lasts longer. Start with a single application of colour, then blot, and repeat. Do this a few times until you get the colour intensity you’re after.

5. Daytime Duty

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How you apply your lipstick is one thing to consider when looking at how to wear wine lipstick. Applying your lipstick with your finger helps create a softer look, which is perfect for making this look work in the daytime.

6. Night Duty

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Night time is the perfect time for working a more intense approach with your wine lipstick. Apply your wine lipstick straight from the tube or with lip brush for better coverage and intensity. When it comes to the rest of your makeup, sweep a natural looking blush over your cheeks and pick up the intensity with some dark lined eyes.

7. Lasting Effect

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When it comes to how to wear wine lipstick, be prepared for transfer! Unless you find a super duper long lasting formula (spill your secret if you do), you’ll be bound to leave traces of wine lipstick on anything from coffee mugs to a loved one’s cheek. Keep your lipstick and a compact mirror handy for touch ups on the go!

Knowing how to wear wine lipstick can help you take your look to dramatic new heights. That said, any dark coloured lipstick can be daunting so if wine coloured lipstick is too much you could always choose a gloss or stain instead. What do you think of this look? Will you be wearing wine coloured lipstick this season?

Top Photo Source: eyeshadowlipstick.com

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