7 Tips to Apply Liquid Liner like a Pro ...

Liquid liner is a real makeup case staple: it’s great for creating a bit of drama and drawing attention to a sexy, smoky eye. Unfortunately, however, it’s not among the easiest products to apply. Unless you have a super-steady hand and the talent of a gifted artist, things can go horribly wrong. Because wobbly, uneven eyeliner is not a look we tend to favour, I’ve done some research and asked around and put together this list of 7 tips to apply liquid liner like a pro.

1. Choose Wisely

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Photo Credit: ladyofthelane.com

As we’ve established, liquid liner is not easy to apply. When you’re choosing your product, you’ll find you’ll get better results, invariably, with a reputable brand that costs a little more; very cheap variations tend to come with irregular brushes and in formulations that take ages to dry. Better quality products are quick drying and their applicators tend to be more ergonomically designed.

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