Top Affordable Makeup Tools for Girls on a Budget ...

Budget-conscious girls know that quality beauty tools often come at a high price. As much as we’d like to save on these beauty essentials, many of the affordable beauty tools on the market fall short on quality and performance. Lucky for us, drugstore beauty brands are recognizing this need and have created plenty beauty tools that satisfy our wallets as well as our budgets. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised at the cream of the crop of affordable beauty tools. You’ll want to add all of them to your collection, I know I do!

1. E.l.f. Selfie Ready Foundation Brush

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A good selfie often starts with good canvas and e.l.f.'s Selfie Ready Foundation Brush is here to help. This brush has been compared to Kat Von D's Foundation Brush and based on the stellar reviews, it works just as good. This brush buffs foundation onto your skin for a soft, air-brushed finish. But it doesn't end there, it's also great for seamlessly blending concealer or cream blush, too.

Available at for $6

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