7 Totally Wearable Tips to Rock the Red Eye Shadow Trend ...

Have you been wanting to try the red eye shadow trend, but just aren’t sure how? Believe me, there are definitely ways to rock the red eye shadow trend without appearing like you’re an extra on The Walking Dead. I’m not gonna lie though, wearing red eye shadow can be a bit tricky so luckily I’ve got 7 helpful tips on how you can wear this makeup trend this season just like the gorgeous Gucci models in their Winter 2013 show!

1. Pick a Color

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In order to rock the fierce red eye shadow trend, you need to first pick a red eye shadow as well as another complementary color to use along with it to create a multi-dimensional look. There are actually lots of different reds to choose from ranging from a coppery red to a muted matte red. Think about where you’ll be wearing this look. Do you need it to be super understated or can you be a bit bolder? Bronze or plum are both great choices to use along with the red as it can help make the look a little safer.

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