7 Trendy Eyeliner Colors You Need to Try ...

Many women believe that eyeliner and eye shadow are the most important parts of their makeup experience. This is because our eyes are a huge part of how we attract others. Eyeliner is meant to add depth to your eyes and help define your lash line which is why the color you choose is important. So it's time to step away from your normal blacks and browns and get a little more colorful! Here are 7 trendy eyeliner colors you need to try!

1. Purple

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Having hazel eyes I feel like purple is the best trendy eyeliner color for me! Purple is an ideal eyeliner color for girls with both green and hazel eyes, but don't let that discourage you blue and brown eyed beauties! Applied the right way, purple eyeliner will help give any eye color a more deep and vibrant look. Think of purple as the beginner's color liner. It's universally flattering and appears the least shocking when worn in a bold design. Use darker purple hues like plum to give you a more bold and dramatic eye for going out at night or a lighter purple hue like violet to help brighten your eyes and add a bit of color.

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