7 Ultimate Items for a Well Prepped Cosmetic Bag ...

Items for a well prepped cosmetic bag obviously include the right sized cosmetic bag. You don’t want a bag that’s too big and heavy but you don’t want to cram less than what you need into a tiny bag. Once you’ve found the perfect sized cosmetic bag, the next step is filling it with your essential items so you’re always well prepared to look your best. Here are a few recommended items for a well prepped cosmetic bag.

1. Floss

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One of the most important items for a well prepped cosmetic bag is dental floss! Nothing is worse than eating a meal in public and having something stuck in your teeth. Even worse? Not being able to get it out. Plus, after enjoying a meal you want to be able to relax, laugh and enjoy a good conversation with your friends and family. That’s why carrying around floss will save you from humiliation.

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