7 Unbelievably Pretty Mermaid Makeup Tutorials ...

Lately, it seems the world is obsessed with mermaids, and if you haven’t seen some of these awesome mermaid makeup tutorials that are popping up, you're missing out! Even if you don’t aspire to look like a mermaid, these makeup tutorials are done so beautifully that you’re seriously going to reconsider! Okay, so maybe you’ll reconsider your Halloween costume, but still, these mermaid makeup tutorials are downright amazeballs, see for yourself!

1. Mermaid Makeup Tutorial by Alexa Poletti

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Mermaid makeup tutorials can look a little cartoonish, but Alexa’s version is very ethereal and pretty. I am so digging her teal and purple eyes and the purple brows are funky in a good way. The “scales” or glitter flakes she added to the side of her face is incredible pretty and much easier than drawing on scales. I think she looks like a more modern version of Ariel!

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