7 Unique Lipstick Colors - Would You Wear Them?

I am a big fan of having fun with your makeup, which is why I can’t get enough of unique lipstick colors. Although I love wearing reds and pinks on my lips, some days I want to step out of the box and try something new. That’s what I love about unique lipstick shades – they are always fun, interesting, and a great way to make a statement. So check out these unique lipstick colors and think about whether or not you’d try them out.

1. Blue

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One of the most unique lipstick colors is without a doubt, blue. Although it’s not too strange to wear this color on your eyes, blue lipstick is something you just don’t see a lot of. However, the color is becoming more common with more brands making blue options. You can find blue lipstick in soft colors or deep blue. Ke$ha has been spotted wearing Lime Crime’s blue lipstick, No She Didn’t, on stage during her tours and it looks incredible on her!

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