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7 Ways to Avoid Makeup Germs ...

By Heather

Learning how you can avoid makeup germs should be at the top of your list! Makeup germs are everywhere, but there are ways that you can keep them to a minimum. I actually have changed the way that I handle my makeup simply because I was trying to avoid all of the germs out there that could be lingering in my cosmetics! So, if you're looking to keep your makeup and your skin clear, take a look below!

Table of contents:

  1. Don't share makeup
  2. Expiration dates matter
  3. Wash cosmetic sponges one a week
  4. Clean makeup tools once a month
  5. Discard lipstick after a cold sore
  6. Clean tweezers with alcohol
  7. Wash hands before use

1 Don't Share Makeup

I know that this tip to avoid makeup germs has been out there for a while, but it's so true! If you are swapping lipstick and even blush and bronzer with your friends that could have a cold sore or even acne that can spread, it will come onto your skin. Keep your makeup to yourself to avoid the worst germs from makeup!

2 Expiration Dates Matter

Weird right? Expiration dates on food mean something, don't they? It would only make sense that expiration dates on makeup mean something too. There are times that you need to change out your mascara, that you need to change out your blush and foundation. Don't keep old makeup hanging around, it can contain all kinds of bacteria.

3 Wash Cosmetic Sponges One a Week

I am actually horrible at this. All of the cosmetic sponges that I use, I typically don't throw out for months, but did you know that you are either supposed to wash or throw out and replace your sponges at least once a week? It's because the sponges go right on your skin, that's why!

4 Clean Makeup Tools Once a Month

Did you also know that you're supposed to clean all of your makeup tools at least once a month? Brushes and anything else that you use with your makeup should be scrubbed down at least once a month. That's a new one for me! I had no idea!

5 Discard Lipstick after a Cold Sore

Remember how I mentioned that sharing your lipstick with someone that could have herpes will make it spread to you? Well, that goes for yourself too! If you swipe on a bit of that pink lipstick while you have a cold sore, the herpes can actually stay on the lipstick and spread it again and again. So toss that lipstick out – or use your finger when applying!

6 Clean Tweezers with Alcohol

This is one that most people probably don't even think about when they are using tweezers on their face. Cleaning your tweezers with alcohol before you use is a great way to kill every bit of germs and make sure that you are using the cleanest tweezers out there!

7 Wash Hands before Use

Finally, because you are going to be using your hands a lot, you've got to take your hands into consideration too. Washing your hands before use is the best idea! Not only will washing your hands make sure that any makeup germs are gone, but it will keep your skin looking clearer because everything will be sterile!

So, there you have it! All of the different ways that you can avoid getting makeup germs on your face and anywhere near your skin! What other tips do you have? Give 'em up! I'm dying to hear what tips you ladies use to avoid these germs.

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