7 Ways to Fake a Tan ...

We know, we know: an actual tan is unhealthy, but until trends catch up to health, we all still want to look tan, so Iโ€™ve stuffed my makeup bag with glorious ways to fake a tan. Alongside my eyeliners and mascaras and lippies, I have an arsenal of bronzers and other ways to fake a tan that look so good, I can slather myself in SPF and still be on-trend. Want a run-down on all my fave fake tan products? Keep readingโ€ฆ

1. Benefit Sun Beam

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This liquid bronzer is a makeup bag must-have all winter long, and is among my very favorite ways to fake a tan. I layer it over the Hoola powder bronzer, just along my cheeks and brow bones for a sun-kissed, California-girl look. The color is perfect for all complexions, so itโ€™s very versatile. Want something less golden goddess, more dewy angel? Try Benefit High Beam, a soft, glowing pink.

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