7 Ways to Fake Your Way to Sun Kissed Skin ...


Learn how to fake your way to sun kissed skin this summer. Spending too much time in the sun can be dangerous for your skin but we all want that glow associated with healthy, natural-looking, sun kissed skin. Luckily there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you get that natural looking glow. Want to fake your way to sun kissed skin this summer? Then take a look at a few of our top tips, below.

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Light Makeup

One of the best ways to fake your way to sun kissed skin is with the right make up. There’s nothing natural-looking about heavy, powdery makeup. Get a barely there look by ditching the matte foundations and going for lighter formulas like tinted moisturisers and BB creams. They’ll moisturise your skin, provide light coverage, and help even out your complexion. If you choose products with SPF protection they’ll help protect your skin from the sun too!



A bit of bronzer can go a long way in creating a sun kissed glow. A sweep of bronzer around your face and décolletage is a quick way to add some sun kissed colour to your skin. The key to picking the right bronzer for you skin tone is to match your bronzer with your undertones. Also make sure you moisturise your skin beforehand, as powders can dry out your skin, and apply with a big powder brush.



Brighten up your features with the help of a little highlighter. Either use a highlighter cream or white shadow and apply them to areas like your inner eye, cheek bones, and underneath your eyebrow arches. Using a highlighter can trick the eye into thinking that light is reflecting off your features, creating the appearance of sun kissed skin.


Subtle Colours

Choosing the right shades can be the difference between a natural-looking glow and a Jersey Shore-type tan. The general rule is to stick to warm tones, but lighter skin tones can get away with wearing cooler colours as well. No matter what colour or product you wear, always remember to blend it in to create the most natural look.



When wearing bronzer, blush or highlighter, apply them where the sun would naturally hit your features first. This helps create the appearance of natural-looking sun kissed skin. Apply bronzers and blushes to the apples of your cheeks and lightly sweep them over your brow bone, chin, and hairline.


Fake Tan

Fake tans are a popular way to faking a summer glow. They’ll help you create the appearance of a summer tan all year round. Instead of going from pale to Oompa Loompa orange in a day, try using a gradual tanning lotion instead. That way the colour will subtly build up and look far more natural.



There’s also a bit of prep involved in faking your way to sun kissed skin. Exfoliating your skin can make all the difference. It’s a must before you self tan but it’s also a great way of getting rid of dead skin cells and letting fresher skin shine through.

These are just a few things to help you fake your way to sun kissed skin. It’s all about creating a subtle, natural-looking glow. What other tips do you have for faking that summer glow?

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nice but i dont think i will get a fake tan anytime soon :P

SO BRONZE - spray tan in an aerosol can. U can find it at ulta. Go on and read the reviews. I do my own spray tan every 8 days or so bc I hate being pale and pastey but know the dangers of indoor tanning. Creates a very natural tan - but you can go darker. The tan develops gradually overnight but comes out beautiful. I have no problem doing it myself and get so many compliment! Tips: Shower, exfoliate, shave before you plan on spraying. Do not put on lotion or oils before spraying. Spray yourself all over once (underarms, elbows, feet and hands also), than let it dry for 1-2 min and spray areas that the sun would naturally hit (face, shoulders, top of the back and chest, top of arms) try not to spray the elbows, feet and hands excessively. After you are done use wet wipes to wipe off your lips, any body jewelry, nails, toenails, palms and bottom of feet. Leave on for alteast 6 hours - for best results do it before bed (keep on as long as you want) and shower when you wake up. Since you shaved the night before u shouldn't have to for alteast 12 hours unless its absolutely necessary.

I have a permanent tan lol

Interesting to know :)

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