7 Ways to Incorporate Coral Makeup ...

With coral still a hot springtime color, coral makeup is a dazzling choice to brighten up your beauty routine. There are lots of different shades and variations within the spectrum, from softer peach hues to vibrant colors that veer more toward orange. The shade is versatile and feminine but still fun and flirty, so it's a great palette to introduce into your makeup bag. Still, there are definite dos and don'ts for wearing it, so it's worth it to learn about the best ways to incorporate coral makeup.

1. Love up Your Lips

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Lovely lipstick is one of the easiest ways to start incorporating coral makeup into your beauty routine. Since there are so many different coral colors, you'll easily find something that suits your skin tone. Go bright and bold or keep it soft and subtle, depending on your skin, your preferences, and the occasion. Check out glosses, lipsticks, softly hued moisturizers, lip stains, or even a simple lip pencil.

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