7 Ways to Tell if You Have Too Much Makeup on ...

Ways to Tell If You Have Too Much Makeup On: you'd think a quick peek in the mirror would be the best indication, but sometimes, that's not all it takes. I love makeup, but you have to know ALL the** ways to tell if you have too much makeup on**. Wearing makeup, applying it to myself or friends, shopping for it or helping a friend shop for it — I love anything to do with makeup! But, just like any other thing in life, there have to be boundaries and guidelines when it comes to applying makeup. Your goal should be to enhance the natural beauty that is already there, not cover it up! And I often hear people wondering how to tell if they're wearing too much of it. Well, there are specific ways! You can apply your makeup in moderation using these guidelines! Want to know how to keep from looking as though you have on a mask? Keep on reading my article for 7 ways to tell if you have too much makeup on and you will be a pro!

1. EVERYTHING Stands out

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When applying makeup, the standard rule is to let one feature stand out. NOT all of them! That means you don't need bright red lipstick AND a dark smokey eye AND bright pink cheeks. Choose one feature to stand out, and keep the others neutral or minimal. That's the key to looking fresh and beautiful!

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