7 Weird Makeup Trends to Avoid ...

Weird makeup trends often start on the designer runways, where everything is at the height of haute! Lately, we've been seeing a lot of embellishment and exaggerated color on the runways. However, when you translate these strange makeup looks into the everyday, they’re not always a hit. Unless you’re headed to a costume party, these are a few of the weirder makeup trends that are best left on the runway.

1. Blinged out Brows

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Bold eyebrows have dominated beauty looks for a while now, but recently embellished eyebrows have been taking center stage. From Chanel’s embellished brows to Fendi’s silver and gold leaf creations, blinged out brows are definitely a thing. This is one of those weird makeup trends that look incredible on the runways but just plain awkward in everyday situations.

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