What Does Your Lipstick Say about Your Personality? Find out Here!

Your lipstick can actually tell others a lot about your personality. You’re sending out more info than you realize in your choice of brands and shades of lipstick. It’s fun to find out what your lipstick may be saying to others about you. It’s possible that you may see yourself in more than one of these examples; after all, your personality is made up of many unique details.

1. You’re Health Conscious

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Your lipstick may send out the message that you’re health conscious. You care about what you’re putting on your body and don’t want to expose yourself to any harmful chemicals you can avoid. This is actually very inspiring to others. You may choose brands of lipstick that’re made from natural ingredients or are considered organic. If you haven’t been doing this but are interested in going for more natural lip products, EOS lip balm and Burt’s Bees lip products are a good place to start.

2. You Follow the Rules

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Your lipstick may tell others that you’re a rule follower. How could it send this message? One way is if you’re careful to make sure that your lipstick is always applied perfectly. Another way is that you always choose colors that’re typical for your hair and skin color. You don’t venture out into anything too daring. You also may stick to a limited amount of shades instead of always being up for trying something new.

3. You’re Bold

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Your lipstick may proclaim to others that you’re bold and adventurous. Bright fuchsia, purple or even black are not unusual shades for you to wear. You may love to wear a strong red. You definitely don’t care to make a statement and in fact, enjoy doing so. You’re fearless when it comes to your makeup and fashion choices.

4. You’re Calm and Collected

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If your normal choice in lipstick is a nude or neutral color then you’re giving others the message that you’re calm and collected. You don’t tend to make much of a fuss about things. Of course you get upset like everyone else but you tend to deal with your emotions internally. You’ve got a good grasp on your emotions and don’t let them get out of control. Others admire your ability to handle stressful situations.

5. You’re Fun and Playful

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Fun and playful personalities usually choose fun and playful lipsticks. You aren’t afraid to experiment. You may even enjoy mixing 2 shades of lipstick together to see what they can create. You probably have a mix of both lipsticks and lip glosses to choose from. Every day is a different choice for you when it comes to choosing a lip product.

6. You Value Quality

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If you tend to go for higher end lipsticks then you’re sending the message that you value quality. You’re not one to settle for something just because it’s on sale. You know what works for you and you stick to it, even if it costs more. The way you see it, you get what you pay for. You value quality over quantity.

7. You’re Careful about Your Appearance

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If your lipstick is always perfect then others get the message that you’re very careful about your appearance. Things like a chipped nail or a scuff on your shoes doesn’t slip by you. Your lipstick is perfect no matter the time of day or what you’re doing. This is admirable and a trait that many people wish they had. For you, it just comes naturally.

These are 7 things that your lipstick could be telling others about your personality. Did you find any of these are true for you? I’d love to hear from you!

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