2. Texture

The texture of your skin combined with the products you're using can make or break your look. Using the correct products for your skin type is crucial. For example, if you have oily skin and you're using an oil-based foundation, it will only make your face appear more oily. If you have dry skin and you're using a powder foundation it will easily make your skin appear dry.

If you have oily skin your best bet is to use a mattifying primer or foundation. Your primer should also match your skin type, if you have redness you'll want to use a redness canceling primer, and if your skin is dry you want to use a hydrating one. Typically one with blemishes or dark spots or any other discoloration will use a concealer, either before or after applying foundation. Whether you apply before or after is your personal preference. Always remember to keep your skin texture in mind when choosing your products.

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