4. Facial Features

Your facial features also take a large part in creating the perfect makeup look for you. From the size of your nose to the size of your lips, to the height of your cheekbones, to the color of your eyes, these all can make a huge difference in the way you apply your products.

Contouring your nose to look thinner can be easily done by contouring the outer sides of your nose and highlighting the bridge of your nose and blending it all in. If your lips are thin and you want to make them appear fuller you can always contour them using a lip liner. Contouring your cheekbones has become a widely used method to make them look higher. You'll want to blend your contour just under your cheekbones, or just on them if you wish, then highlight just above where you contoured.

The eyeshadow colors you use can make your eyes pop if you use ones that compliment your eye color. Typically warm colors, such as brown or oranges, are used with blue eyes because blue is a cool toned color. Warm tones will give light eyes a more vibrant look. Cool colors, such as blues and silver, are used on darker eyes like brown or black. Cool tones complement dark eyes.