Where on Your Eye Should You Apply Your Eye Makeup ?

You'll never make a mistake applying makeup again, as long as you know where all of your products are meant to go. If you're not sure, Good Housekeeping has you covered.

1. Brow Bone

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"Add a matte or shimmery pale eyeshadow directly under the brow" to make your eyebrows pop.

2. Lid

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Your main shade of shadow should go here.

3. Crease

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Apply a darker shade here to add dimension to your eye.

4. Outer V

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This is the furthest spot you should place dark shadow.

5. Upper Lashline

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Use eyeliner, eye shadow, or mascara here.

6. Waterline

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Create a smokey look with dark liner or open up your eyes with a nude liner.

7. Lower Lash Line

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You can place liner and shadow here to define the eyes.

8. Tear Duct

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This is where you can place shimmery shadow to make your eyes look more wide and awake.

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