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Great Reasons Why There's No Room for Makeup at the Gym ...

By Carly

I'm going to tell you why there's no place for makeup in the gym. Sure, when we go to the gym, we always want to look our best so that we can post that all-important pre-workout selfie to let our followers know that we are about to get our glow on, but the truth is that you really shouldn’t be wearing makeup in the gym, even if that means having to sacrifice your selfie game! It feels like a no-brainer to not be all dolled up when you are going to get sweaty, but just in case some of you are still for it, here is why there's no place for makeup in the gym.

1 Clogging

When your face is covered in makeup, all of the impurities that are coming out of your skin via sweat are not being given an outlet, which means that they are going to get stuck in your pores and cause one hell of a horrible, unwanted breakout. This is probably one of the best answers for why there's no place for makeup in the gym.

2 Breathability

When you are working out, you need to give your skin the best chance to breathe possible, and this can’t happen with a face full of makeup. The sweat needs to evaporate off your body, lifting impurities as it goes, and if it is trapped underneath your cosmetics, there is a big chance of developing things like acne, small itchy bumps, and even heat rash.

3 Remove Everything

The simple way to resolve this problem is to remove absolutely everything before you head to the gym. If you can’t face walking through the streets without your makeup on, then fine, carry some gentle remover wipes in your gym bag and go to town just before you step out on the gym floor. Trust us, it’s worth it!

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