7 Wicked Winter Makeup Trends to Look out for ...

Are you curious about what the hot winter makeup trends will be? I’ve got all the info on the cool winter makeup trends for 2013 that everyone will be wearing or talking about! Even if you aren’t necessarily the type to follow trends in makeup, it’s still interesting to see how certain colors and application techniques are being utilized. If you’re with me, keep reading for my top 7 winter makeup trends.

1. Big, Beautiful Brows

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It probably comes as no surprise that bold brows are one of the top winter makeup trends. Big brows have been on trend for quite a while and it appears that they’re not going anywhere. Use a brow powder or pencil to fill in brows if you need some help in that department and consider pairing your groomed brows with a glossy lip and bare eyes as seen on the runway at Victoria Beckham.

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