You Need to Watch These Beauty Vloggers before They Blow up ...

I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely love finding beauty vloggers who aren’t exactly huge yet. I love seeing who they are and getting a feel for what they do before YouTube fame takes over, because I can always tell when a YouTuber is going to be big. I love these beauty vloggers because of their content, and because I can tell that they’re all going to be big one day! They make content that’s fresh and exciting, which is a lot to do in the beauty world of YouTube these days!

1. Jessica Flores

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Jessica Flores makes videos on a wide range of topics, but I especially love watching her for her reviews of nearly everything. If I need an opinion on something, I always look to her channel first for a review on whether or not it’s worth my money. If you’re looking for great opinions and great information on makeup, she’s is your girl!

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