10 Beauty Tips πŸ’‹ for Pre-Teens πŸ‘Έ to Look Good 😊 without 🚫 Makeup πŸ’„ ...


When you are a pre-teen, it's hard to find beauty tips for pre-teens that aren't loaded with makeup tricks!

Well girls, if you want to look natural and want to pull off a great look without makeup, I've got my top 10 beauty tips for pre-teens that do not involve any makeup!

So girls, you ready to drop your makeup bag and pick up some natural beauty tips for pre-teens?

1. Chapstick

When I was a pre-teen, I didn't go for lipstick, instead I picked up chapstick!

There are tons of benefits of chapstick!

It looks great, it doesn't tint your lips and girls, it makes your lips feel oh-so-silky and soft!

That's why this is my top beauty tip for pre-teens that isn't about makeup, but more about keeping your lips beautiful and soft!

2. No Foundation

While you might think that foundation is going to be the best thing in the world, because adults use it, girls – you don't need it!

So ditch the foundation and let your beautiful, youthful skin shine through!

Below, we'll also explore some of the beauty tips for pre-teens that surround making your skin so soft and beautiful!

3. Pinch Your Cheeks for Blush

If you are looking for a way to get a little redness to your cheeks, especially for just a few seconds, pinch them!

Just pinching your cheeks will give them about 10 or 15 seconds of color and can really enhance your beauty!

While it might not be long-lasting, this beauty tip for pre-teens does work if you want a little color for just a couple seconds!

4. Keep Your Eyebrows Groomed

Just because you aren't going to be wearing makeup, doesn't mean that you shouldn't keep your eyebrows beautiful and trimmed up!

Girls, this beauty tip for pre-teens is one that is overlooked so often!2

Remember to wax or pluck your brows to keep them looking awesome!

Take Care of Your Skin
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