10 Matte Makeup Tutorials That'll Make You Look Amazing ...


You've probably heard all about matte makeup by now. What is it, exactly? Well, matte means to have a "smooth even surface free from shine or highlights." That's why matte makeup works great for girls with oily skin. Here are a few matte makeup tutorials that will make you look absolutely amazing:

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Matte Blush and Bronzer

You've heard of matte lipstick, but did you know that there are plenty of other products that come in matte? You can use matte blush and matte bronzer, like the woman in this video does. According to her, it makes her skin look amazing, because it usually looks "super oily" and the matte is able to change that. So if your skin is similar to hers, you might want to think about picking up some more matte products!


Matte Foundation

Skip to 3:50 to start the tutorial. In it, the woman will show you how to use matte foundation in order to make your skin look amazing. According to her, the best part is that her face still looks like her regular skin after the foundation is applied. That means it isn't cakey at all, and isn't that what you look for when choosing a foundation?


Matte Smokey Eye

The woman in this video is the queen of makeup. She always looks gorgeous, which is why you should follow her advice. Here, she creates a dark brown matte smokey eye. She claims that it's perfect for Valentine's Day, which means that you should learn how to master it before February 14th rolls around!


Kylie Jenner Inspired Matte Makeup Routine

Everyone's been going crazy over Kylie Jenner's lips lately. Well, you don't have to buy her lip kit in order to look just like she does. Instead, you can follow the instructions in this tutorial. If you buy an ultra matte lip from Color Pop, you'll still get the look that Kylie usually goes for.


Plum Matte Smokey Eye

This makeup routine will look amazing on any woman! Instead of using the black or brown colors that you usually use to do your eye makeup, you should branch out by using plum colors instead. Wear it with a pretty purple shirt and it'll bring your entire look together.


Black and White Matte Makeup

If you want to do your makeup before a big party, then you should try recreating this look. It'll make you seem even sexier than usual. However, this tutorial only shows you how to do your eye makeup. That means that the lipstick and blush you use is all up to you! It'll give you some room to experiment.


How to Make Any Lipstick Matte

This is a lifesaving tutorial! Instead of going out to the store and spending your entire paycheck on expensive matte lipsticks, you can use this little trick. You should start out by applying your lipstick like usual. Then, once it dries, you should grab some translucent powder and pat it onto your lips. After you do that enough, it'll make your lipstick look like it's matte!


All Matte Makeup Tutorial | Daytime Smokey Eye

Get the matte look that you can wear all day long with this tutorial! For a more dramatic look at night, simply add a dark lip and touch up your eye shadow.


Neutral Matte Makeup Tutorial

In this tutorial, you'll find how to perfectly master the neutral matte look. It accentuates your natural beauty without overdoing it. It's fast, simple, and you'll end up with glowing skin.



Look like you visited a tropical paradise with this video! This matte brown tutorial uses different shades of brown to really make your natural eye color pop. You'll look like you just got back from vacation.

Matte makeup is all the rage nowadays, and you can see why! It looks absolutely beautiful after you apply it. What's your favorite brand of matte lipstick?

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What's the products used ... would love to try

omigosh! these are gorgeous tutorials. thanks for putting them all together

I am so torn! Like it was all about the glow and highlight now I have to go buy a bunch of matte makeup? I must be getting old, I am so finding it hard to keep up! lmfao

Bloody fantastic! :)


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