This is the Secret for Bold, Beautiful Brows ...


Eyebrows are such an important area of the face but also one to have fun and experiment with.

Have we learned nothing from beautiful Cara Delevingne?

Paying attention to your brows is an easy way to enhance what you naturally have.

1. Tweezer Time

Firstly, start by grabbing some effective tweezers and getting rid of those unruly hairs that always seem to grow when your back is turned.

They are the ones that pop up above your brows as well as outside and below the tail end.

If youโ€™re anything like me, a little plucking gets the skin around the eyebrows quite red and sore so itโ€™s best to leave them for about 15 minutes or so.

2. Pencil

Sometimes eyebrows pencils can be quite hard to use, the end can break off from next to no pressure and the eraser on the other end (if yours has one) ends up mysteriously falling off.

Itโ€™s a hassle to keep finding something has gone wrong and trudging down to the shops to buy yet another.

3. Eyeshadow

Iโ€™m sure you have a handy eyeshadow with whatever colour youโ€™re looking to fill your brows, and if not, thatโ€™s when the real fun begins by mixing/blending colours together to find the perfect shade!

4. Eyeshadow Application

Once youโ€™re ready to start, grab your choice of eyeshadow and a long brush with stiff bristles (I think they are actually meant to be eyeshadow brushes) to fill your eyebrows.

5. Brush Angle

Make sure you only use the brush horizontally and move it down the brows so an equal amount of product gets into all those fine hairs.

Using it this way also prevents product from getting onto the skin around your brows, which is a stubborn nightmare to remove sometimes!2

6. Dark Brows

If you have naturally dark eyebrows you can probably afford to use a coal black eyeshadow, but just remember to take the time to blend it properly to make it look natural.

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