8 Prettiest Eyeshadows for Spring ...

Is your makeup bag full of dried-up mascara, lipstick stubs and eyeshadow spilling everywhere? Or do you just fancy some new makeup for spring? Either way, we donโ€™t need much excuse to treat ourselves to some new makeup, and eye colours are the perfect place to start. Here are some of the prettiest eyeshadows available this spring.

1. Too Faced โ€˜Pink Fireโ€™

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Price: $17 at sephora.com
This isnโ€™t an eyeshadow in itself, but is a glittery powder designed to be used over eyeshadow. There are four gorgeous shades perfect for some spring sparkle, but my favourite is this pretty pink. It can also be used anywhere else you fancy a bit of glitter.

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