8 Acid Bright Nail Polish Colors to Try ...

Nail Polish Colors often gravitate in an out of favour, depending on the season. Lately, seasonal trends have seen a big focus on bright, brash colour. An easy way to work this trend into your outfit is by choosing colourful nail polish colors. Nail polish colors in a range of eye popping hues are perfect for adding that playful edge to your outfit. Acid bright colors may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but here are a just a few nail polishes worth checking out.

1. Pop Nail Glam Brights Nail Polish in ‘Orange’

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Price: $11.21 at asos.com
Citrus inspired things are big this season. This bright orange nail polish may not be for everyone, but if you’re feeling a bit daring then be sure to give it a try. This polish has a strengthening nylon formula and has a glossy finish. The best part about the formula is that it’s designed not to stain the nails.

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