8 Totally Chic Nail Colors to Try for Winter ...


8 Totally Chic Nail Colors to Try for Winter ...
8 Totally Chic Nail Colors to Try for Winter ...

Chic Nail Colors For Winter this year are going strong and dark all the way! I myself have totally fallen in love with every shade of dark polish imaginable, up to and including black. However, since black is a very basic color, i've chosen not to include it in my list of totally chic nail colors for winter. I hope that you will feel brave enough to step out of the box this winter and try a few nail colors you wouldn't ordinarily wear. Let my list of chic nail colors for winter be an inspiration to you! Please keep reading for 8 fab and totally chic nail colors for winter!

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Deep Purple

Deep purple is probably one of my all time favorite chic nail colors for winter. This color just seems to go with so many outfits and there are tons of different variations on the color purple. I know if you give this one a try you will love it!


Baby Blue

I am completely enamored by the color baby blue for one of the inspiring and chic nail colors for winter! I've been seeing it everywhere-fashion magazines, blogs, the streets, in store-the list goes on and on! It's a very unexpected and fresh color for winter. It feels very fun and trendy, so I would certainly give this color a shot!


Jade Green

I recently tried jade green on my nails for the very first time ever, and I have to say, I loved it! I always tended to shy away from greens, for fear of giving off a "witch" vibe, but after persuasion from a friend I gave in, tried it, and loved it! I actually felt sophisticated as opposed to "witchy". The key is to go for a jade green and steer clear of metallics or any color with a yellow tone. Mint green is another way to approach it if you're not brave enough to dive straight for jade green!


Chocolate Brown

I think chocolate brown is one of the chic nail colors for winter that will never go out of style! It's a neutral tone that also stands out and makes a statement, so you get the best of both worlds! Also, it goes with nearly any outfit, so you have major versatility with this color.


Bright Red

There's no way you can ever go wrong with a deep, sultry yet sophisticated red. I probably own about 7 different shades of red alone! A good shade of red nail polish is a woman's best friend! I would consider red one of the chic nail colors for winter because a nice pop of cheery color in the middle of a drab and bleak winter will brighten anyone's day!



Don't scorn this amazing chic nail color for winter! No, it's not dark or bright, but a good, neutral beige/nude color will be a foundation for a classy outfit when you need one. Appropriate for nearly any occasion, and very wearer friendly, a beige polish is a nice addition to any polish collection.



I love my maroon polishes! There is nothing like a mixture of red and purple to create one of the sexiest and most chic nail colors for winter! This color can easily go from day to night, and its perfect for parties and dates as well. Keep the bottle in your purse to touch up little knicks and chips.



I must confess, it's very rare that I bust out the metallics in the summer time. But metallics are a favorite collection of mine as chic nail colors for winter time! There's just something about metallics and winter that seem to fit together. I love silver and blue/gray tones in a metallic shade for winter nail colors.

These 8 totally Chic Nail Colors For Winter are going to be everywhere, so you might as well be in on the style secrets and jump on board with the trend before all your friends! I personally favor short nails for all of these chic nail colors for winter, but if you prefer long nails, by all means, rock them! Which of these chic nail colors for winter do you love them most?

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I love painting my nails white and then picking my favorite colored glitter to go over it..super cute! -Elyse

Where can I find the dark glitter red polish shown on this page? Thx

I am obsessed with getting new nail polish right now! Can't wait to go to the store again to get some. Loving the idea of jade green!

My favorite thing right now is to mix #3 and #8 and get metallic greens. So pretty!

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