Are There ‍Any Advantages on Doing Good Makeup for How Others Perceive Us?


Whether or not it is a sentiment that you yourself personally agree with, it is an undeniable fact that a woman’s choices in makeup can positively or negatively determine how other people perceive her.

Through decades and generations of fashion history and cultural changes for women, makeup has always been something that has been present and has evolved with the times. It would be fair to state that it will always be a mainstay of the mainstream fashion consciousness.

With this in mind, what it is absolutely vital to know when considering makeup is which looks and techniques can stand the test of time and forever be considered have a ‘classy’ or ‘positive’ effect on people who you are meeting and spending time with on a regular basis. If you are looking to be perceived well by those around you, here are a handful of classic and popular makeup looks that you can be assured will always put across a good first, second and even third impression.

1. Fine Liquid Eyeliner

Gone are the days of hard to use and temperamental charcoal pencil eyeliners. Undoubtedly one of the best innovations in modern mainstream makeup history has been the liquid eyeliner.

Nowadays there is absolutely no excuse for a woman not to have exceptional and intricately detailed lid lines, as the smooth and easy feel of the liquid brush tip makes precision an almost effortless task compared to the years beforehand. In terms of giving a positive impression, the neatness and precision of a good set of fine lines can encourage people to perceive you as a well put together and meticulous character who takes great pride in her appearance, and the detailed and intricate fine lines will evoke a classic kind of beauty that goes all the way back to the golden age of Hollywood when the big screen actresses were seen as almost goddesses.

It can be changed up for when a more dramatic makeup is required – say for a night out clubbing – with many designs from subtle to the eyeliner being the main focus. This decade has also seen the growth in popularity of eyeliners in every color, beyond the black. Brown and dark blue shades that have been the cornerstone colors previously.

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