Classic Eye Makeup Looks That Never Fail to Impress ...

When trying to figure out how to play up your eyes tonight, you may want to check out these classic eye makeup looks. Whether you’re looking to switch it up a bit or simply try something different, I’ll give you seven classic eye makeup looks that will never fail to impress.

1. Classic Cat Eye

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One of the most classic eye makeup looks is the classic cat eye. While it does take some time to master the right cat eye, there are a few tricks that can help you get there. Start with a little foundation on the eye. Powder to set. Then choose a lighter base color. Choose a matte neutral, such as a pale vanilla for lighter skin or a latte for darker skin. Then choose brown matte eye shadow to fill in the crease. Keep it light. To perfect a cat eye you can use either a liquid liner for experienced drawers or a gel based liner with an angle brush for beginners. Keep the line thin and close to the inner lash line while you slowly start to create a thicker line towards the end of your lash line. Make a little wing tip from the end of your lash line and upwards on your lid. You can even use a small piece of paper pressed against the end of your eye as a guide for your wing. Curl your lashes, add mascara and voila!

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