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Are You Wearing the Right Foundation?

By Jessica

Selecting the right foundation for your unique skin type can be tricky. Often times it's tempting to simply purchase what's most popular or what your friend's use, however there are many factors that you must consider before you choose a foundation! Keep reading for some great tips in selecting the right foundation just for you.

1 Your Skin Tone

Knowing your skin tone is essential for selecting the right foundation. Your tone can be either warm, cool or neutral. Warm-toned skin types have a darker complexion, dark hair and eyes, and have yellow undertones. Cool-tones are more fair-skinned and may have red or blonde hair with a pink undertone. Neutral skin types are somewhere in the middle and can go either way, perhaps depending on the season.

2 Your Color

Along with your skin tone, you must consider your coloring. This is one of the hardest parts because it can be difficult to match your skin color with the right foundation! The best place to do this is along your jaw line. The foundation should blend into your skin and leave no visible line between your face and neck. When in doubt, always opt for a slightly darker shade rather than lighter which can cast a ghost-like appearance.

3 Your Skin Type

Is your skin type oily, dry or combination? Maybe you're acne prone? Consider what skin type you are before making a foundation purchase. A moisturizing liquid foundation wouldn't be suited for an oily completion because it could slide right off. A powder or mineral foundation wouldn't be best for dry skin because it would settle into fine lines and dry patches of skin. Liquid is best for dry to combination skin and mineral or powder foundation looks great with an oily completion!

4 Your Age

Your age plays a part in what foundation you use and what finish you should have at the end result. Older skin should not opt for a matte finish because the foundation can settle into fine lines, making them more prominent. A satin or dewy finish will create a youthful glow, while a matte finish looks great on younger skin and has crazy staying power.

5 The Amount of Coverage You Desire

The coverage you want from your foundation is key. If you want light coverage, go for a BB cream or a thin foundation with light to build-able coverage. Select medium to full coverage if you want to conceal everything or if you have acne and unevenness.

6 How You Want Your Skin to Feel

You should also consider how you want your skin to feel! If you don't like the way something feels, you're bound to not wear it. Sometimes foundation can make your skin feel heavy and cakey, and other times you can't even tell that you're wearing makeup. I find that when I first apply foundation it's rather heavy but it eventually settles into my skin and I can't tell I'm wearing anything!

7 The Cost

Lastly, you must go by your budget when deciding on which foundation is right for you. Price ranges are drastic, as is product quality. However, there are plenty of decent drug store foundations worth looking into! If you want to opt for professional quality, it makes the process easier because a makeup artist will be able to evaluate your skin needs and help you select the right foundation.

Hopefully these tips for selecting the right foundation were helpful! Would you care to add any more advice that you stick to before making this kind of purchase?

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