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BB Creams for Beginners ...

By Alicia

BB Cream is an amazing little makeup product. It’s perfect if you want a light finish or are just having a low maintenance kind of day. But the world of BB creams can be confusing. Let’s talk about some of those confusing points so you’re ready to find the perfect BB cream for you.

1 Learn about BB Creams before You Shop

What are BB creams actually? They’re considered to be beauty balms and are formulated to perform a lot of different functions in one product. However, what one BB cream does could be different than another. Some of the common things they do is moisturize, correct, offer a bit of tint and give your skin vitamins. They also usually offer sun protection which is a nice feature.

2 Compare Products

Before you purchase a BB cream, decide what you want it to do. Are you mostly buying it to save you time? In that case, you want it to give you a lot of functions so it can take the place of several products. Maybe you just want it to nurture your skin. If that’s true then you want to shop for a BB cream that’s made of the best ingredients.

3 Find the Right Shade for You

Just like foundation, you need to test BB creams to see if they work for your skin tone. Try them out on your neck if you can’t test them on your actual face. BB creams often have a smaller line of colors to select from. One color can actually work for a larger range. However, don’t be afraid to return it if it isn’t right for you.

4 Supplement Other Products in

With BB cream you may need no other products but then again you might. Don’t be afraid to add in other products to give you the finish you want. You may want to add a layer of moisturizing SPF to make sure you’re protected from the sun before you apply BB cream or add a bit of concealer for your dark circles afterward. Customize your routine to work for your skin. You’ll love your BB cream more when you tweak it to work for you.

5 Don’t Skip out on Primer

Primer is still a good idea even though you aren’t wearing foundation. It does the same thing it does when you wear foundation. It gives your skin the even finish you want and extends the wear of the product. You may not need as much primer as you do with foundation since BB cream is sheerer. Some BB creams do have primer built into them so you can skip this step if it does the job efficiently.

6 Experiment with Application

BB cream can be applied the same way that foundation can. You can use a brush, a sponge or just your fingers. Beauty blenders seem to work really well with BB cream. This’s a matter of personal preference, though. If you’re unsure which you like best, try them all to see.

7 Gauge the Coverage

After applying your BB cream, look at it closely. Is it enough? You may need to add a bit more if it’s not. It’s true that you can’t expect a BB cream to cover like a foundation but you also don’t want to feel like your skin is bare. Finding the right BB cream can take some trial and error just like with other makeup products.

These’re some informational points to remember when you’re starting to use BB cream. Have you tried BB cream in the past? What’s your favorite brand?

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