7 Beautiful Blushes to Wear This Season ...

Bring your face to life by applying and adding color to your cheeks with these beautiful blushes to wear this season. For fall, blush makeup gets bold and bright to let your true beauty shine through. Pigments from shimmery pinks to gilded metallics and vivid berries work their way into every blush makeup palette out there! Keep reading for top tips on the best blushes for fall and winter!

1. Rosy Pink

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Flushed, rosy pink cheeks give the illusion of a healthy and pretty glow. The look this season is to achieve rosy pink cheeks that have an aprรจs-ski flush, which resembles being out on a brisk, cool fall day for too long. That fresh-faced radiance is youthful and fun while still remaining super sexy and vibrant. Select a pretty rose petal undertone in your pink blush for a natural cool weather flush.

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