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7 Beautiful Blushes to Wear This Season ...

By Megan

Bring your face to life by applying and adding color to your cheeks with these beautiful blushes to wear this season. For fall, blush makeup gets bold and bright to let your true beauty shine through. Pigments from shimmery pinks to gilded metallics and vivid berries work their way into every blush makeup palette out there! Keep reading for top tips on the best blushes for fall and winter!

1 Rosy Pink

Rosy Pink Flushed, rosy pink cheeks give the illusion of a healthy and pretty glow. The look this season is to achieve rosy pink cheeks that have an après-ski flush, which resembles being out on a brisk, cool fall day for too long. That fresh-faced radiance is youthful and fun while still remaining super sexy and vibrant. Select a pretty rose petal undertone in your pink blush for a natural cool weather flush.

2 Golden Glow

Golden Glow Some of the most beautiful blushes to wear this season include golden shades. To show off your angelic side, dust delicate traces of golden blush across your cheeks for a heavenly glow. Keep your golden blush natural with just a slight touch of sparkle for pretty and sophisticated shimmer. Apply a sweep of gilded shimmer accent under your brow bone to tie your golden glow together.

3 Earthy Natural

Earthy Natural Subtly contoured cheeks offer a fresh faced and natural look for fall. Barely there blush in earthy natural tones help to create a clean and dewy palette to show off natural beauty. Look for blushes with creamy undertones for a subdued and muted look that’s still sexy. This is absolutely one of blush makeup pieces to have in your makeup bag!

4 Perfect Plum

Perfect Plum Darker pink shades tend to be prominent during the cooler months and a plum toned blush is the perfect alternative to rosy, light hues. Deep plums have a feminine and romantic edge to them, which makes plum blush ideal for evening occasions. Opt for a plum blush with a bit of shimmer for a soft yet seductive look.

5 Pretty Peach

Pretty Peach Be as pretty as a peach this season with a peaches and cream type complexion. Sweep an apricot or coral undertone blush on the apples of your cheeks for an instant color pick me up on your face. A peach hue works best against a neutral palette so think shimmery golds, metallic bronzes and bold browns to contrast your tawny look.

6 Bright Pink

Bright Pink For an intense color surge to brighten up your face and beauty regime among all of the muted neutrals, a bright pink blush will add vibrant radiance. This is one of my favorite blush makeup pieces! With such an intense shade, blending becomes key to achieving a fresh rosy glow instead of looking harsh and overdone. Sweep a light dusting of vivid pink blush on your cheeks, making sure to blend well, to achieve the perfect bright tint.

7 Beautiful Berry

Beautiful Berry Cool weather calls for deep and darker hues so a beautiful berry shade blush is the answer. Berry hues add drama that’s reminiscent of a little Gothic glamour. A deep berry toned blush is seductive and warms up your face instantly with even just a light touch. Opt for a berry blush with subtle shimmer to still give off a natural, vampy face that smolders.

From tantalizing pinks to creamy peaches, fall beauty is bold and playful with the best beautiful blushes to wear this season. Incorporate these beautiful blushes into your new fall beauty routine for drop-dead gorgeous looks that bring your face to life. Which of these beautiful blushes will you be trying this season?

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