8 Beauty Problems and How to Solve Them ...

By Sophia

8 Beauty Problems and How to Solve Them ...

Beauty problems and how to solve them – I’m always after the best tips and tricks to solve those common beauty woes! I’m a bit lazy when it comes to putting on makeup and have experienced a disaster or two in my day, but there are a few things I’ve picked up along the way to make the process a whole lot easier and foolproof. If you feel like you’re fighting a battle against your beauty products, check out following tips for some common beauty problems and how to solve them.

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1 Eyeshadow Fallout

Ever noticed how after putting eyeshadow on you’ll sometimes end up with fallen pigments on your cheeks? When looking at beauty problems and how to solve them, it’s all about prevention. In this instance, try holding a folded piece of tissue underneath your eye when applying to catch any fallout.

2 Cakey Eye Concealer

This problem has more to do with the product you’re using. Ditch the heavy cream concealer and opt for a liquid formula instead. If you’re using concealer under the eyes, choose one with a peachy base to balance out any blueish tones in the skin.

"Beauty is individual and unique, just like the stunning pair of amber eyes that you have. Embrace them! You should know that there are numerous ways to emphasize their enchanting color. Check out these fabulous makeup ideas to truly let your amber eyes shine and mesmerize whoever looks into them."

3 Clumpy Mascara

The quest for perfect lashes is never ending! When it comes to beauty problems and how to solve them, clumpy mascara is a big one. The product you use plays a big part, but nothing’s perfect so when you do end up with clumpy lashes, gently separate them with a fine eyelash/brow comb or with a clean, dry mascara brush.

4 Gunky Gloss

As much as I love a good lip gloss, I hate when it gets all gunky and leaves a white film around the edges of my lips. It’s usually caused by dry and flaky lips in the first place, so exfoliate beforehand to make sure lips are smooth. To remove that yucky white film try running a cotton swab on the inside of your lips.

5 Lipstick on Your Teeth

When it comes to beauty problems and how to solve them, this is one of the most embarrassing yet easiest to prevent. Lipstick usually ends up on your teeth because lipstick has gotten on the inside of your lips. Fix this by blotting your lips with a tissue after applying lip colour or swiping a thin sheet of Vaseline over your teeth to prevent lipstick from sticking.

6 Mascara Smears

I can’t count the number of times when I’ve applied mascara only to blink suddenly and have it transferred either to my eyelids or under eye area. Instead of removing all your makeup and starting from scratch, wait for the mascara to dry and dab the areas with a cotton bud to remove the dots of mascara.

7 Heavy Handed Blusher

Ever had moments where you’ve put on too much blusher and ended up looking clown-ish? When it comes to beauty problems and how to solve them, most can be fixed without having to start from scratch. If you’ve used powdered blush, dust some loose translucent powder on to diffuse the colour. If it’s a cream blush, just lightly sponge on some liquid foundation over the top.

8 Smudged Nail Polish

Smudged nail polish doesn’t have to be a hassle to deal with anymore. Instead of starting over, just wait for the polish to dry, dab your finger (the skin side, not the nail) in nail polish remover and gently wipe over the smudge to smooth it out. Then cover with another layer of polish and top coat. Easy!

It may sound like I’m a makeup klutz, but these are just some common beauty problems that I’ve found myself dealing with on more than one occasion. When it comes to beauty problems and how to solve them, what’s your best advice?

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another one for lipstick on teeth I learned, may not seem hygienic nor ladylike, is sucking on your index finger after you've put lipstick on, just place your index finger about knuckle high between your lips and slide it out

For non-cakey lashes I'm confident I have the best, easiest, and foolproof way to get rid of it. Start by doing your normal lash routine and towards the end when things start to get messy and cakey, flip your blowdryer on low and cool and point at your uppercase. Then comb thru with a wand like the ones from lash blast (those work best) and wallah!! No more clumps after a few sweeps and it's helps volumize and curl at the same time!

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