7 Awesome Tips for Girls Who Struggle with Clumpy Mascara ...

There’s nothing that I hate more than looking in the mirror and finding out that my mascara is clumpy. Not only does it not look so good, but those clumps can really sting if they fall into your eye. Luckily, there are several really easy things you can be doing to keep your mascara clump-free. Some of these tips will help you avoid clumps in the first place and some will help you repair the issue if it’s already happened. Here’s to smooth, dreamy lashes all the time!

1. Make Sure Your Mascara Isn’t past Its Prime Because It Gets Too Thick when It is

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In general, you should be switching out your tube of mascara every couple of weeks. Why? Because it tends to get thicker with time, which is a sure recipe for winding up with clumps. When you start a new tube, write the date on it with a permanent marker. Once a couple of months have elapsed, toss it and get a new tube. Easy, right?

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