7 Awesome Tips for Girls Who Struggle with Clumpy Mascara ...

By Eliza

There’s nothing that I hate more than looking in the mirror and finding out that my mascara is clumpy. Not only does it not look so good, but those clumps can really sting if they fall into your eye. Luckily, there are several really easy things you can be doing to keep your mascara clump-free. Some of these tips will help you avoid clumps in the first place and some will help you repair the issue if it’s already happened. Here’s to smooth, dreamy lashes all the time!

1 Make Sure Your Mascara Isn’t past Its Prime Because It Gets Too Thick when It is

clothing, black, hair, beauty, model, In general, you should be switching out your tube of mascara every couple of weeks. Why? Because it tends to get thicker with time, which is a sure recipe for winding up with clumps. When you start a new tube, write the date on it with a permanent marker. Once a couple of months have elapsed, toss it and get a new tube. Easy, right?

2 Add the Second Coat of Mascara Immediately after the First

hair, blond, hairstyle, eyebrow, woman, I used to apply my first coat of mascara, then wait until I left the house to do the second. This is a sure fire way to wind up with clumps. That’s because the first coat gets dry and makes it more prone to clumping. Stop waiting – apply the second coat as soon as you finish the first and I think you’ll like the results a whole lot more.

3 Stick to Two Coats of Mascara No Matter How Tempted You Are to Add More

clothing, eyebrow, forehead, hairstyle, head, Your lashes can only hold a certain amount of product before it’s just too much. Two coats is plenty to give your lashes definition, color and volume. Adding any more can leave you with so much that the mascara clumps. Save yourself the trouble and stop with two coats.

4 Jiggle Your Mascara Wand as You Apply It to Separate Lashes

eyebrow, eyelash, nose, black hair, beauty, Instead of swiping the mascara from your lash line to the ends in one solid motion, try wiggling the mascara wand as you go. This helps separate each of your lashes so that they aren’t able to stick together and get all clumpy. You don’t need a ton of movement. Just a small amount will get the job done right!

5 Try a Metal Tipped Comb to Remove Clumps in Your Lashes

hair, eyebrow, model, photo shoot, beauty, If you already have clumps, removing them is the name of the game. Using a small comb with metal tines can help remove the clumps. Gently comb through your lashes to tug the clumps out. Don’t get too rough or you could wind up pulling out your lashes too. I’ve also had success using an old mascara wand that I washed.

6 If Clumps Appear, Try to Comb Them While They’re Still Wet

person, hair, woman, hairstyle, beauty, Wet clumps are easier to pull out than dry ones, so if your lashes start to stick together, comb them as soon as you notice the issue. If they’ve already dried, try wetting your comb just a tad before combing them out.

7 Try Different Mascara Formulations to Find the One That Works Best for You

hair, person, black hair, model, beauty, Sometimes getting rid of a make-up issue simply involves trying different products. Experiment with various anti-clumping mascaras to find one that you can handle using. Sure, it’s a bit of a financial investment, but it will be so worth it when clumped lashes are a thing of the past.

Do you have issues with clumping mascara? What has worked for you?

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