10 Beauty Tips for Pre-Teens to Look Good without Makeup ...


When you are a pre-teen, it's hard to find beauty tips for pre-teens that aren't loaded with makeup tricks! Well girls, if you want to look natural and want to pull off a great look without makeup, I've got my top 10 beauty tips for pre-teens that do not involve any makeup! So girls, you ready to drop your makeup bag and pick up some natural beauty tips for pre-teens?

1. Chapstick

When I was a pre-teen, I didn't go for lipstick, instead I picked up chapstick! There are tons of benefits of chapstick! It looks great, it doesn't tint your lips and girls, it makes your lips feel oh-so-silky and soft! That's why this is my top beauty tip for pre-teens that isn't about makeup, but more about keeping your lips beautiful and soft!

No Foundation
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