10 Beauty Tips for Pre-Teens to Look Good without Makeup ...

By Heather

10 Beauty Tips for Pre-Teens to Look Good without Makeup ...

When you are a pre-teen, it's hard to find beauty tips for pre-teens that aren't loaded with makeup tricks! Well girls, if you want to look natural and want to pull off a great look without makeup, I've got my top 10 beauty tips for pre-teens that do not involve any makeup! So girls, you ready to drop your makeup bag and pick up some natural beauty tips for pre-teens?

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1 Chapstick

When I was a pre-teen, I didn't go for lipstick, instead I picked up chapstick! There are tons of benefits of chapstick! It looks great, it doesn't tint your lips and girls, it makes your lips feel oh-so-silky and soft! That's why this is my top beauty tip for pre-teens that isn't about makeup, but more about keeping your lips beautiful and soft!

2 No Foundation

While you might think that foundation is going to be the best thing in the world, because adults use it, girls – you don't need it! So ditch the foundation and let your beautiful, youthful skin shine through! Below, we'll also explore some of the beauty tips for pre-teens that surround making your skin so soft and beautiful!

"If you're looking to switch up your makeup routine, consider sporting a bold "purple lipstick". This can seem daunting at first, but fear not! We've discovered this fantastic guide that provides easy-to-follow tips on how to wear purple lipstick like a pro. It's a fun, bold step for those feeling adventurous!"

3 Pinch Your Cheeks for Blush

If you are looking for a way to get a little redness to your cheeks, especially for just a few seconds, pinch them! Just pinching your cheeks will give them about 10 or 15 seconds of color and can really enhance your beauty! While it might not be long-lasting, this beauty tip for pre-teens does work if you want a little color for just a couple seconds!

4 Keep Your Eyebrows Groomed

Just because you aren't going to be wearing makeup, doesn't mean that you shouldn't keep your eyebrows beautiful and trimmed up! Girls, this beauty tip for pre-teens is one that is overlooked so often! Remember to wax or pluck your brows to keep them looking awesome!

5 Take Care of Your Skin

When you're a pre-teen, you've still got to follow all of the tips and tricks to take care of your skin! Your skin is at it's most vulnerable, so that means that you really have to take care of it! Use a great cleanser that will keep the acne away, moisturize up and pick a great toner that'll keep your skin beautiful and clear!

6 Light Lip Gloss

If you aren't into chapstick, that's okay girls, lip gloss is another thing that you can use! Lip gloss is something that will keep your lips looking smooth and shiny! I actually love when the lip gloss has some tint to it, but that's just me. You can still go all natural but still have a bit of tint to your lip gloss!

7 Wear Moisturizer

Remember when I said that you should be taking care of your skin? That you should be using a cleanser? Well girls, after you cleanse, make sure that you are picking out a moisturizer that works for your skin type! Whether you have dry skin, sensitive skin or combination skin, you want to find a moisturizer that works for your skin type!

8 Light Exfoliating to Keep Your Skin Fresh

Once a week, if you use a sugar scrub or some type of other exfoliater, you'll see a huge difference in just how soft your skin is! It'll wash away all of the dirt and grime that you might have and leave your skin feeling super soft and oh-so-silky! Give this a try girls if you aren't using it now!

9 Curl Your Eyelashes

Now, if you are worried that your eyelashes are not going to stand out, just use your eyelash curler! It can really make your eyelashes curl up beautifully and stand out! Who needs mascara when you can make your eyelashes stand out without using any makeup at all! This is absolutely one of the best beauty tips for pre-teens!

10 Use Toner

While a lot of people actually forget about using toner, even adults! I just started using toner a few weeks ago and it has worked wonders for me! So all you little pre-teens out there, get some toner and it'll dry up any oil that you have and make sure that your skin is flawless!

So girls, there you have it! You asked for all of the beauty tips for pre-teens without makeup, we gave it to you! So, what other beauty tips for pre-teens do you have to share?

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heh i could neverr pluck or wax i’ll get grounded for a month or something 😭😭👌


i don't have an eyelash curler, is there another way to curl my eyes with them still looking great?

Imagine pinching your cheeks and leaving possible marks for the sake of blush for a few seconds 💀 😂

#3 i need to be prittey for longer i have some girls to inpress

#7 thx ☺️

#8 So happy im getting new Chapstick today!

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