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By Jordin

We all have those morning where it just seems nothing comes together for us. The alarm didn't go off, you stubbed your toe, your hot water is out, and all your underwear are dirty! Whew. The last thing you need to add to that list is no time for makeup. You just need fast makeup! You can use these fast makeup tips in a jiffy and no one will even know that you only took 60 seconds to do your makeup. Keep reading for 15 fast makeup tips. You'll also learn some makeup tricks and ideas you never though of!

1 Must Haves

In the morning, when you are rushing to get ready if you can only spare 60 seconds to do your makeup, here's what to do. Skip the heavy foundations, lipsticks and contours. Pat concealer over your under eye circles and in the pimples that popped up overnight. Set your concealer with powder, then swipe on black mascara and lip gloss with a little shimmer. If you have a few seconds left, you can add a bronzer or a blush to your cheekbones.

2 Brushes

Don't EVER even think about using the brushes that come in the packaging with your makeup. They don't blend the colors very well and they pile on way more color than you need for a natural look. A good set of brushes will save you time and hep your product last longer, not to mention give you a flawless look! It's worth the splurge!

3 Dark Circles

4 hours of sleep? Relax! Here's what to do. Apply a de-puffing cream under your concealer. Stay away from dark eyeshadows. You'll want to open up the area with something lighter with a bit of shimmer. Line your inner rims with a white pencil and your top lids with a black pencil. Do not put any dark liner or mascara on your bottom lash line as this will bring out the dark bags and emphasize them.

4 Experimenting

Experimenting is fun and I would encourage it! But always do it when you have plenty of time to start over if it flubs! You don't want to give your big presentation at work with a black eye that was supposed to be a smoky eye but failed miserably! It's always a good idea to check your look in natural light and get a friends opinion if possible. Don't forget that you can text pictures to friends if there's no one around at the moment.

5 Eyeshadow

Always have a go-to eyeshadow that you can throw on in a bind. Make it a color that looks great on you and works for any situation. A few great go-to colors are tan, brown, gray, light pink or purple, gold or silver. When in doubt, use a light hand and a subtle color blend. Remember that contrasting colors will make your eyes pop! So pick up a few colors that contrast with your eyes and experiment for some beautiful looks!

6 Makeup Storage

The way you store your makeup and the way you treat it can affect its lifetime. NEVER store makeup in the bathroom. It's very moist and makeup will go bad a lot faster. I like to store my makeup in little plastic drawers. I categorized by product. Eyeshadows, blushes, foundations, concealers, eyeliners, lip products and makeup tools all have their own drawers. It's very nifty!

7 Creams and Powders

If you are having trouble deciding whether you should use cream or powder, here are a few things to consider. Powders tend to work best in the summer, when your skin is more oily. Powders are also easer to work with. They don't require as much blending, they are a lot less pigmented and a lot more sheer than creams. Powders are ideal for someone with oily skin. Cream formulas work great in the winter when skin is more dry. Cream formulas give that glow that skin lacks in the dark winter months! However, they require a lot of blending. In the end, they can look much more natural than powders!

8 Highlight

When you are in a rush, here is a great fast makeup tip in the highlighting area. Hit the high spots on your face. These are your brow bone, down the bridge of your nose, he inner corners of your eye, your cupids bow, and the tops of your cheekbones. If you don't have time to do anything else but highlight, you would be surprised at how much it opens up your face!

9 Brush Care

Every so often, you should take the time to wash your makeup brushes. Washing them will help them last longer, and give you a better makeup application job. Washing your brushes also prevents you from breaking out by killing bacteria and oils that live on your brushes and sponges. Wash your brushes in a mild solution of baby shampoo or dawn dishwashing liquid with a few drops of olive oil and then lay them flat to dry on a towel. Never dry them upright or the water will trickle down and loosen the glue.

10 Blush Help

Here's a fast makeup tip on applying blush: If you have scars or acne blemishes or age spots, and type of blush or bronzer with shimmer or sparkle in it will highlight those marks and make them standout. So make sure you use a matte blush in place of all those sparkles! You don't want to point out your face problems!

11 Mascara

Don't be afraid to mix up your mascaras! You can use a lengthening mascara then apply a thickening mascara right over the top! If you've never tries a mascara primer, I would definitely suggest it! Mascara primers give your mascara something to hold onto and help your mascara last all day. Clear mascara is a great option to help add a little shine and polish.

12 Multi-tasking

What to do when you realize your makeup has done a disappearing act halfway through the day? Pull some fast makeup out of a hat! Or your purse would work just fine either. Lipstick can double as a cream blush, eyeshadow in a light shade can double as a highlight, eyeshadow in a dark shade can double as a bronzer or contour, and mascara can be used as a liquid liner if you have a brush on hand.

13 Full Lips

Here's a fast makeup tip to make your lips appear fuller and fatter. Use two shades of lipstick, a dark one and a lighter one. They should be in the same color family and no more than a few shades apart. Put the dark on one first, then apply the lighter one in the middle of your bottom lip. You can apply gloss over the top for some added fullness if you like!

14 Lashes

Fast makeup can sometimes equal no makeup. Confused? Let me explain! Sometimes all you need to open up your face and give you a pretty look are some rocking lashes. You can achieve this by two ways. Curling your lashes really open up your eye and enhances it. You can warm your lash curler with your hair dryer before you curl to make the curl hold longer. If you don't have long lashes, try applying fake ones!

15 Less is More

The very best makeup rule to remember is this: less is more. No matter the situation, you never want to look overdone or harsh. You can go dramatic or dark without looking like you wore every color in your makeup bag! Practice makes perfect. So practice and practice until you can look like your own little makeup artist!

Fast makeup doesn't have to be sloppy makeup. These fast makeup tips should help you get it right every time! Find your "go-to" looks, your best techniques for application, and your favorite areas to accent. Then practice and practice! Pretty soon you'll be able to apply fast makeup like a pro! Was this article helpful to you? Did you learn any makeup tips you didn't know? Please comment!

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