7 Best Liquid Eyeshadows to Try ...

I love liquid eyeshadows. Theyโ€™re so convenient, so fast and easy to use, and they come in a range of colours from all of my favorite brands. If youโ€™ve never used liquid eyeshadow before, what are you waiting for? Here are the 7 best liquid eyeshadows to try.

1. Laura Mercier Eye Basics

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Price: $24.00 at sephora.com

This truly is an eye basic, giving you excellent coverage, crease-proof color, and even a little hydration to keep your skin happy. There are six colors to choose from โ€” all of them gorgeous pink-based neutrals, so theyโ€™ll look good with every complexion. My favorite? Tawny, which looks especially gorgeous with blue or brown eyes.

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