20 Best Makeup Tools Brushes to Take Your Makeup to a New Level ...

By Lisa

Who says you can't have the best makeup tools and brushes without saving some money? I know good and well that finding the most effective beauty tools can get quite expensive. I'v been known to shed a tear after dropping some dough on a makeup brush set. But, after I did some digging, I found that you can still achieve celebrity makeup artist status looks without emptying your bank account. It might sound too good to be true but it's not! All of these makeup tools and brushes received two thumbs up for being some of the most amazing beauty tools around. Don't miss out, take a look for yourself!

1 Beautyblender. Blendercleanser Solid

Beauty Blender, pink, product, head, organ, Price: $16.00 at Sephora.com

2 Foreo. LUNA™ Play Mint with Benefit - Mini Miracles

beauty, product, head, perfume, brand, Price: $42.00 at Sephora.com

3 Cinema Secrets. Makeup Brush Cleaner

lotion, professional, MAKEUP, CLEAN, NETTOYANT, Price: $24.00 at Sephora.com

4 Beautyblender. Liquid Blendercleanser

Beauty Blender, nectar, perfume, skin, lotion, Price: $18.00 at Sephora.com

5 Hourglass. Vanish Foundation Brush

brush, product, tool, eye, cosmetics, Price: $46.00 at Sephora.com

6 NARS. Pencil Sharpener

NARS Cosmetics, small appliance, Price: $6.00 at Sephora.com

7 Shiseido. Eyelash Curler

horse tack, bridle, glasses, Price: $20.00 at Sephora.com

8 Anastasia Beverly Hills. Tweezers

pink, lip, cosmetics, lip gloss, eye, Price: $28.00 at Sephora.com

9 Tweezerman. Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer

Allure, cosmetics, kitchen knife, tool, allure, Price: $23.00 at Sephora.com

10 Tarte. Picture Perfect Duo

cosmetics, LASHES, lights,, Price: $18.00 at Sephora.com

11 Cinema Secrets. Makeup Brush Cleaner Pro Starter Kit

skin, cosmetics, eye, rofessional, graa, Price: $24.00 at Sephora.com

12 Tweezerman. ProCurl Eyelash Curler

Allure, footwear, rein, glasses, hand, Price: $22.00 at Sephora.com

13 Cinema Secrets. Makeup Brush Cleaner Travel Set

product, skin, CINEMA, BRUS, professional, Price: $8.00 at Sephora.com

14 Diamancel. Diamond Foot Buffer #11

microphone, audio equipment, technology, audio, electronic device, Price: $49.00 at Sephora.com

15 Tweezerman. Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover

pink, product, magenta, WEEZER, MAN, Price: $20.00 at Sephora.com

16 Beautyblender. Micro.mini Pro

product, material, gina, ybende, wet, Price: $18.00 at Sephora.com

17 Tweezerman. Pink Perfection Slant Tweezer

Allure, pink, magenta, product, allure, Price: $23.00 at Sephora.com

18 Diamancel. Diamond File for Foot Calluses #20

brush, eyelash, cosmetics, Diamond, File, Price: $38.00 at Sephora.com

19 Boscia. Konjac Cleansing Sponge with Bamboo Charcoal

material, boscla, Konjac, Cleansing, Sponge, Price: $15.00 at Sephora.com

20 CosmoCube. Cosmocube Mixing Palette

label, rectangle, shape, Price: $9.00 at Sephora.com

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