7 Cheap and Easy Tips to Clean Your Makeup Brushes from Old Product ...


7 Cheap and Easy Tips to Clean Your Makeup Brushes from Old Product ...
7 Cheap and Easy Tips to Clean Your Makeup Brushes from Old Product ...

You know the feeling, brushes so gunked up you don't know if you could possibly fit anymore product on them to do your makeup. Or maybe it's your eyeshadow brushes and you're ending up with colors on your eyes you didn't intend to use. Have no fear! These tips will help you get the cleanest brushes as if they're brand new. Now you can save your expensive (and not so expensive) brushes from the garbage can, and save a few bucks in your wallet from having to buy those expensive brush cleaners you may be seeing in your fave make up stores.

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Squeaky Clean Brushes! by Michelle Phan

product, interior design, textile, pattern, line, I learned a lot of tips I didn’t know about cleaning makeup brushes in this tutorial, but the most helpful tip was how to dry and store brushes without ruining them. My makeup brushes are constantly falling apart (thank goodness I only buy drugstore brands!), but after Michelle introduced me to The Brush Guard, I finally feel like I can splurge on a set of properly brushes!


How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes in 60 Seconds!!!! by gossmakeupartist

If you don’t have the time to wash and condition your brushes every single day, but want to ensure they are completely sterile at all times, you will LOVE this video. I completely trust Wayne Goss when it comes to everything related to beauty, and I love how FAST my brushes dry when I use his method.


How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Like a Pro!! by Makeup Geek

This tutorial is filled with 5 great ideas for cleaning makeup brushes using household items. I especially love the hair conditioner idea as one of my blush brushes has a tendency to get too rough for my face!


How to Clean Makeup Brushes, Palettes and Lipsticks by chiutips

While the products used in this tutorial are no different from what has been used in the other tutorials I’ve already shared, I love love love her technique for drying brushes, and I never would have thought of cleaning my actual makeup!!


How to Instantly Clean Your Makeup Brushes Without Washing, Spraying, or Using Alcohol by gossmakeupartist

eye, wheel, organ, human body, audio equipment, While you still need to give your brushes a good clean at least once a week, the Vera Mona Colour Switch Duo is a great way to remove color from your brushes. I haven’t personally tried it, but if Wayne likes it, I’m sure you will, too!


How To Clean Your Make-up Brushes by taliajoy18

Yup. Talia knows her stuff. I love her technique (I can do this while watching TV!), and since I only use my brushes on myself and don’t feel the need to have them completely sterile 100% of the time, I am totally on board with what she says. RIP Talia!


Brush Cleaning Genius by Kathleen lights

Kathleen Lights is a beauty YouTube sensation! Her following is insane, her make-up looks are even more insane (in a totally great way) and she's just a beauty Goddess! So why wouldn't you turn to her for brush cleaning advice? No clue. But here's her video on how to do it like the pro she is.

How do you clean your brushes? Any tips to share with fellow followers?

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