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7 Clever Ways to Cover up a Scar ...

By Heather

There are tons of ways to cover up a scar on your face, but do you know them all? Do you have a scar that you've been dying to hide but can't figure out how? Well ladies, I've got my top 7 ways to cover up a scar that are quick and that work! So, let's take a trip below and see some of the ways to cover up a scar that are so effective, no one will notice your scar at all!

1 Stay out of the Sun

One thing to note about scars is that they can actually get worse the more sun exposure you give them. If you're looking for one popular way to cover up a scar, staying out of the sun will actually help your scars be less noticeable! So ladies, cover up those arms or those legs if that is where your scar is if you're going to be in the sun for a really long time!

2 Scar Minimizing Products

Did you know that there are actually products out there that can help kick that scar and make it fade really fast? Mederma is one of them and I gotta tell you, it works! Not only will you be covering up your scar, but you'll be getting rid of it all together!


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3 Special Scar-Covering Makeup

One of the ways to cover up a scar that seems pretty simple is actually specialized scar-covering makeup. There are tons of different brands out there, but you want to find one that is going to work for you and that isn't going to be too heavy. Trust me, this is definitely one of the greatest ways to cover up a scar out there!

4 Powder It up

Let's say that your scar is pretty light. Typically, if it is light, it is easier to cover, therefore just a little powder can be added and you should be fine! Typically, this works well for face scars only, you wouldn't want to powder your body!

5 Choose Wisely for Your Color

Ladies, whenever you are choosing anything that needs to be covering up something on your skin, you want to make sure that you are choosing your color wisely. What this means is that you don't want to choose a color of the foundation that isn't the same color as your skin.

6 Concealer

This is again, a great way to cover up your scars if they are on your face. I actually have a scar on my cheek, but I use a little coverup on it and nobody notices! It's actually pretty amazing!

7 Use Vitamin E Oil

Finally, if you're looking for a way to make your scar marks fade, vitamin E oil is great! It will actually ensure that your scar fades quite a bit once you start using is regularly. One note – make sure that you use it at night if it's on your face, as this can clog up your pores.

Ladies, you no longer have to live with your scars! There are tons of ways to cover up a scar, you just have to find the one that works for you! So ladies, what ways to cover up a scar do you use?

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