College Girls Can Survive on These 7 Products Alone ...


College Girls Can Survive on These 7 Products Alone ...
College Girls Can Survive on These 7 Products Alone ...

Every girl is going to have her own unique taste in the makeup she prefers to wear. But if you’re looking to cut down on what you spend on makeup or streamline your routine to save time then this guide is what you need. Most college girls have the advantage of beautiful, youthful skin on their side so they can eliminate some steps from their makeup routine. College girls can survive on these 7 products alone.

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hair, face, black hair, clothing, eyebrow, Most college girls have a few areas they want to cover on their face and base products are the best way to do that. You can go for a traditional foundation, a BB cream or even just a moisturizer if you’ve got exceptional skin. Let your gorgeous young skin show through! Even if you feel most comfortable with a true foundation, consider switching to a sheerer formula.



hair, eyebrow, face, black hair, nose, Concealer is a necessary product for almost everyone, young or old. What varies is what you need to cover. As a college girl, you may have some blemishes that need attention. You could even have some dark circles from all the late nights you spend studying. A good concealer can work wonders for you!



hair, human hair color, face, black hair, person, It’s easy to go overboard with powder and that’s true for any age woman. Basically, you only want to use powder for two purposes. Use it to set your makeup and tamp down the shine. Be sure to shake off the excess before you apply so you don’t end up with a makeup look that’s cakey. Less is definitely more when it comes to powder.



hair, eyebrow, face, black hair, nose, You may or may not need this. Some college age girls won’t because they naturally have a rosy complexion. But if you feel like you need a punch of color then blush is a great way to go. It takes minimal effort and the payoff is big. If you feel overwhelmed when it comes to applying blush then remember this simple tip. Smile then apply blush the apples of your cheeks then blend upward toward your temples.


A Brow Product

face, hair, red, person, woman, Full brows are in and few women are blessed with eyebrows that’re perfect enough to not use a brow product. If you naturally have amazing brows then that’s awesome! For the rest of us, a little bit of filling in and shaping is in order. There’s a wide range to choose from when it comes to brow products. You can go for a pencil, powder, wax or gel.

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hair, face, black hair, eyebrow, nose, A few swipes of mascara is great for anyone. It opens your eyes and calls attention to them. You may also wish to use eyeshadow or eyeliner but be sure not to skip this important product. If you had to choose only 3 products from this list to use then concealer, mascara and a lip product would be the ones to go for. They’re that important.


Something on Your Lips

clothing, person, lady, beauty, black hair, A little something on your lips adds color to your face. It takes the blandness away that many of us feel without makeup on. You can choose lipstick, lip balm, lip stain, lip gloss or other lip products. Whatever you feel most comfortable in is the right choice for you. All lip products can give gorgeous results.

These’re the only 7 makeup products a college girl needs to survive. I hope this’s been helpful. What makeup products could you not live without?

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On my really lazy days, I wash & exfoliate my face. Add eye cream, add serum. Let absorb, add make up primer to keep all the good stuff I just applied to have a barrier from the little make up I apply then.

All natural is great. Smacking on a product on your face everyday is not very good. LOL says I, who wears makeup everyday.

Really on a lazy day all you need is blush, lip gloss and to curl your eyelashes! Actually curling your eyelashes is the most important thing! Even if it's a do nothing day with the BF curl the lashes!

Primer concealer and mascara

I only wear lip balm on my face #alnatural

I just wear Chapstick and mascara every day lol!

I skip the powder nd the brow filler but eyeshadow is a must

On my lazy days it's just concealer and either blusher or bronzer. Having said that, that wouldn't be the case if I didn't have massive dark eyebrows. Basically, it depends on the individual. I have long, dark eyelashes and Cara Delavigne brows, but I'm very pale and have the world's worst dark circles. Everyone probably just works out what they need for themselves.

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