Contouring Highlights and Blush 38 Inspos and Infographics That Will Make You 10 Times More Beautiful ...

By Lisa

Contouring Highlights and Blush 38 Inspos and Infographics That Will Make You 10 Times More Beautiful ...

Contouring, highlighting, and applying blush are simple ways to slim your face, highlight features, and instantly make your face look more fresh and awake. Although the concept might be easy to grasp, properly applying the products and making them work for your unique features is a different story, right? Well, we can certainly relate and with that in mind, we gathered a bunch of helpful infographics and some inspirational beauty photos to get you headed in the right direction!

1 Master the Perfect Make-up

Source: Infographic helps you master the

2 How to Contour Your Body with Self-Tanner

Source: How to Contour Your Body

3 How to Contour for Different Face Shapes

Source: 10 Pinterest infographics that'll turn

4 Contour, Blush, and Highlighter for Different Face Shapes

Source: : Blush Brush By

5 20 Highlighting and Contouring Hacks, Tips and Tricks That Will Change Your Life

Source: 20 Highlighting and Contouring Hacks

6 Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette

Source: Phyrra - Cruelty Free Beauty

7 Contouring Tutorial

Source: Tutorials | Makeup

8 Face Shape to Better Amplify Your Own Beautiful Style


9 Whatever Shape Eyes or Skin Tone You Have, There's a Blusher and Brow Style to Suit!

Source: Fabulous infographic shows you how

10 10 Commandments of Blush

Source: beauty

11 20 Highlighting and Contouring Makeup Hacks, Tips, Tricks

Source: 20 Highlighting and Contouring Hacks

12 How to Prep Your Face for the Day

Source: The Right Way to Wash

13 Correct Nose Contour

Source: makeup

14 Controlled Contouring

Source: 20 Highlighting and Contouring Hacks

15 Basic Contour and Highlighting

Source: 20 Highlighting and Contouring Hacks

16 How to Contour Your Face

Source: Makeup Tutorial: How to Contour

17 Faking the Glow

Source: Faking the Glow

18 How to Make Your Face Look Slimmer

Source: 5 Tutorials to Teach you

19 Cream Contour Tips

Source: Cream Contour: Part 1

20 Contouring 101

Source: How To Contour Your Face

21 A Cheat Sheet to Contouring

Source: A cheat sheet to contouring


23 Contouring

Source: Irina Awad - Makeup Artist

24 Step-by-step Highlighting

Source: Me.likes

25 5 Simple Steps to Perfect Cheek Bone Contouring

Source: 5 Simple Steps To Perfect

26 Awesome Contouring Face Idea

Source: Olive's Favorite Drugstore Highlight/Contour Products

27 How to Highlight and Contour

Source: How To Contour - Hairspray

28 Get Glowing


29 Beautiful Bronzed Look

Source: Makeup maestros: 18 glamorous makeup

30 Golden Glow

Source: Vanity Makeup @vanitymakeup Meet one

31 No Makeup Makeup

Source: Top 10 “No Makeup” Makeup

32 Luminous Makeup

Source: 8 Ways to Look Hot--INSTANTLY!!!

33 Soft Contour

Source: The HangIVer Bar ~ The

34 Bridal Beauty

Source: DIY Wedding Makeup: How to

35 Blushing Beauty

Source: Decoder :: The Best Bright

36 Smoky Eye with Soft Blush

Source: Cara Delevingne Now Has Brown

37 Runway Ready

Source: Ben Nye 12-Color Eye Shadow

38 Natural Beauty

Source: Budget2Beauty: 10 Ways to Fake

You can achieve everything from a soft, natural glow to something a bit more dramatic and eye-catching in just a few steps! I hope you find these infographics helpful. Do you have any tips to help make contouring, highlighting, or applying blush easier? Please share!

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