7 Disney Makeup Transformations That Are Simply Amazing ...

We’ve all grown up with Disney princesses and other memorable characters, but have you seen what Promise Phan does with her Disney makeup transformations? They are absolutely phenomenal! It just might make you want to run out, buy all the products and get to making a Disney masterpiece on your face. The great thing about Promise is that she’s self taught, and shows you how she does it on her YouTube channel! Check out these awesome Disney makeup transformations below.

1. Princess Jasmine from “Aladdin”

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Don’t you just love the story of Aladdin? It’s full of love and adventure, and of course the beautiful Princess Jasmine! While Promise looks nothing like her in real life, her Disney makeup transformations made me do a double take. She's got the skin tone, eyes, nose and makeup of the character down pat. She is seriously talented.

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