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Let’s be honest. Most of us don’t know exact makeup expiration dates. You may know a few of them but for the most part, you probably just do what most people do and use your makeup until it’s gone. While it’s great when you can finish your entire product, sometimes you need to toss it earlier because it’s expired. This article may inspire you to clean out your makeup bag.

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Swap out Cosmetic Sponges Monthly

Swap out Cosmetic Sponges Monthly Did you know you should swap out your cosmetic sponges monthly? I’d never really thought about how often they should be tossed but it makes sense. Cosmetic sponges touch every part of your face and can spread bacteria as you blend your makeup. They’re a breeding ground for germs. Toss them every 30 days and you may see clearer skin.


Toss Your Mascara Every 3 Months

Toss Your Mascara Every 3 Months This’s the makeup expiration rule that most of you are probably aware of. It’s the one you hear the most about. If you’re a mascara queen like I am then this’s one you never have to worry about because a tube of mascara won’t last that long. But if you go a little lighter on mascara then be sure to toss it every 3 months. And anytime you have an eye infection such as pink eye, it needs to go immediately.


Eyeliner Should Go at 6 Months

Eyeliner Should Go at 6 Months Were you aware of this one? Eyeliner should be tossed every 6 months. It makes sense since eye makeup can harbor germs. Eyeliner and mascara are 2 types of makeup it’s best to never share. Knowing that eyeliner only has a 6 month shelf life is motivation to not buy too many at one time.


Lipstick Should Be Tossed at 2 Years

Lipstick Should Be Tossed at 2 Years Lipstick should be tossed every 2 years. If you’ve been building a lipstick collection, this isn’t great news. And there’re some times when it’s best to toss it before the 2 year mark. Anytime you’ve had a fever blister, you need to toss your lipstick. I always toss mine if I get a cold or other respiratory illness, as well. I figure it’s better to buy a new tube of lipstick than get sick all over again.


Foundation Varies between 1-2 Years

Foundation Varies between 1-2 Years When I was researching makeup expiration dates, I ran into conflicting reports on when you should toss your foundation. There were varying guidelines between one and two years. So here’s what you can take from that. You don’t want to keep foundation longer than 2 years. And if you see any variation in color, smell, texture or consistency then toss it before the 2 year mark.


Blushes and Eyeshadows Can Go 2 Years

Blushes and Eyeshadows Can Go 2 Years Powder products such as blush and eyeliner have a two year shelf life. Again, if you’ve got a slight addiction to purchasing these products then this may be an issue for you. However, buying less so that you can use it before it expires can give you more money to spend elsewhere, like on clothes. Figuring out what shades work best for you can help you cut back your eyeshadow purchases. Then you won’t be constantly shopping for eyeshadow, trying to figure out what works.


Trash Your Nail Polish at 2 Years

Trash Your Nail Polish at 2 Years This’s sad, isn’t it? If you love nail polish like I do then you hate to see it go in the trash. Nail polish is one of those products that shows when the life of it is over. It starts to separate or thicken up so it doesn’t apply correctly. To avoid paying for more nail polish than you’ll use, you might want to consider purchasing mini bottles.

Following recommended makeup expiration date can help you have healthier skin. Which expiration date was a surprise to you? I’d love to hear your answers.

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Guilty person #3. I've had some lipsticks, eyeshadows & liners for YEARS... I hate wasting things.

Now let's see how many people will ignore this article and keep all their products...

Great time to buy new makeup:)

Good to know, thanks

If you sharpen eyeliner then the germs are taken off the top

I'm so guilty of keeping making for a long time and it sickens me. I think I have some 2-3 year old foundation that I really should throw away.

the makeup sponge thing varies because if you have a really good one Like I do (I paid over 25 dollars for mine) then you can just wash it. it depends on the way they're made too.

The makeup sponge expiration isn't true if you wash your makeup sponge

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