7 Expiration Dates on Makeup to Remember for Healthy Skin ...

Let’s be honest. Most of us don’t know exact makeup expiration dates. You may know a few of them but for the most part, you probably just do what most people do and use your makeup until it’s gone. While it’s great when you can finish your entire product, sometimes you need to toss it earlier because it’s expired. This article may inspire you to clean out your makeup bag.

1. Swap out Cosmetic Sponges Monthly

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Did you know you should swap out your cosmetic sponges monthly? I’d never really thought about how often they should be tossed but it makes sense. Cosmetic sponges touch every part of your face and can spread bacteria as you blend your makeup. They’re a breeding ground for germs. Toss them every 30 days and you may see clearer skin.

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