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7 Fantastic Makeup Apps You Have to Get ...

By Heather

While we all like to think that we know everything about makeup, makeup apps are there to allow you to choose the right shade for your skin, try new techniques and to really make your makeup life easier! So girls, what makeup apps are your favorite? I have mine! Below are my top 7 makeup apps that have made my life so much easier and have really worked wonders for how many colors I choose!

1 IPür Beauty

The very first makeup app that we're going to talk about is iPür Beauty. This makeup app actually allows you to upload your own photo (makeup free ladies!) and then virtually mix, match and mingle everything from lipsticks, eyeshadows and different shades of foundation and find out what works best! This app has saved my life on so many occasions!

2 PicTreat

PicTreat is another makeup app that is fantastic! Not only will this awesome app retouch everything in your photos, but if you want professional quality, this app will really make sure that every picture is perfect! Red-eye? It'll remove it! Wrinkles and blemishes? Gone in an instant!


Now, if you are a nail polish junkie, this is one of the best apps for you! All you need to do is flip through the colors and find the one that works best for your nails! Then, you can take the guess-work out of your mani/pedi's and really find the shade that is going to work best for you.

4 Celebrity Makeup Looks

Have you ever wondered exactly how Ms. Jolie perfected her cat eye? Or maybe how Lady Gaga is always ahead of the game? Well, this awesome makeup app will let you in the secrets and contains so many different celebrity looks inside of it. It's really an inside peek at what the stars are doing and what makeup trends you can steal from them!

5 Beauty Tips

If you've been dying for information on eye care, hair care, skin care and any other 'care' that you can think about, this makeup app has it all! I've found out so much information and educated myself so much just from this awesome app! Give it a try and get your daily dose of makeup tips and so much more!

6 ModiFace

Another great makeup app that allows you to actually upload your own photo and try out a bunch of different colors and shades is ModiFace. This was actually one of the first apps that I downloaded and I love it! You can try your lips a different shade, can try new makeup colors for your eyes and even different blush colors. It's a must for any and all makeup gurus!

7 Mirror

Finally ladies, this last makeup app is a great one to have on your phone so you can do quick touch-ups. It's basically a mirror, so you'll never have to worry about looking for the nearest bathroom, instead, you can just flip your phone up and check on your makeup!

So girls, there you have it! My top makeup apps that I know you'll love! What other makeup apps do you have? Any I haven't listed here?

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